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Experienced with luxury clientele

I understand how much detail and hard work go into planning weddings and events- communicating with all vendors prior to the event and the day of, handling any last minute requests from the clients, and working on site all day and night at the event. 

No matter where I have been, I produce topnotch work because I am dedicated to making sure everything I put out to the world is a reflection of myself. Whether it is getting a bride calmly down the aisle or a day in the office, I pride myself on my professionalism and integrity. 

What People I've Worked With Are Saying

“Alexa's attention to detail and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done helped us succeed in producing a multi-day destination event. She was able to take initiative when needed, even after working long hours for days at a time! Her confidence onsite and positive interaction with vendors and guests makes her a well-rounded associate and a pleasure to work with. She is efficient, organized, and prepared to tackle any task - big or small! We look forward to hiring her for future events where we need assistance beyond our full time team!” 

- Beth Helmstetter, Events & Design by Beth Helmstetter

"I had a New Years Eve wedding, and being such a busy time of year finding a great assistant was not easy, luckily I was recommended Alexa by a dear friend and fellow planner. Alexa was great to work with, she showed up prepared to work, was efficient, organized and always maintained a positive and professional outlook. Alexa worked very well with other vendors and she interacted with guests with such ease. Alexa is a natural and I would suggest her to assist in any event!"

Jove Meyer, Jove Meyer Events


“Alexa was truly a god send. Bringing her on to support logistics and timeline was the best decision I made for the huge event we had in NYC. She were calm, poised and ready to be a team player. She was able to take direction in some situations and take the initiative in others. I cannot be more thankful!!! Looking forward to working with her many more times in the future.”

Gianna SanFilippo, Chic Celebrations


"Alexa is a beast, which is a term I use with complete praise and admiration. Alexa is an invaluable asset and is wholeheartedly equally as responsible for the success of the events she's assisted me with as I am. From the moment you start collaborating with her, she is focused, driven and enthusiastic. She asks all the right questions in order to apply all the information provided to her in an organic and seamless way. Her strengths are both the front of house and back of house, meaning she can manage and communicate with clients and guests in a sensitive poignant way while also being able to lead a team of vendors and control the precise logistics of overseeing a client's wedding day. She keeps composure and professionalism under pressure and is willing to get her hands dirty to assure that every event is executed to a certain standard. So yeah, she's a gem and I am fortunate for every opportunity I get to work beside her."

Roey Mizrahi, Roey Mizrahi Events


"We love having Alexa assist our events at Industrious! She is hardworking, upbeat, and most of all professional. She excels at any tasks she is given and our guests always feel welcome by her hospitality and attention to detail. We will continue to contact Alexa to assist any events we host; her shining personality, expertise, reliability, and willingness to help makes her a gem in the industry!"

- Kristin Berry, Operations Associate, Industrious Tampa


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